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Not just cholesterol management, it's a multivitamin for your heart!


Cardiol is a unique combination of nine natural ingredients that work together to lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels - all in one capsule a day!

Cardiol is the only all-natural supplement that contains the key ingredients that have been clinically proven to be as effective as statin drugs without the side effects associated with statin drugs according to the Mayo Clinic Proceedings in 2008*.


A word from Dr. Richard Caso about Cardiol

“I am a cardiologist specializing in prevention and early detection of heart disease… It is my professional opinion that individuals at low risk for cardiovascular disease can safely use Cardiol and Vitality without the need for taking statin drugs.”

"In fact, statins will be of little or no benefit in this group of people with a healthy lifestyle and who do not have other risk factors." — Dr. Richard Caso, MD, Cardiologist, Orange County Heart Center, Aliso Viejo, CA

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